Google allows you to check which apps are connected to your account.

A screenshot of Google account tools.

If you want to find out, navigate to “Google Account”, which should be in the top-right section of your Gmail screen on the desktop.

Once in your account, you can find the “Apps with account access” button under the sign-in and security section.

On this page, you can see which apps have access to your account, as well as apps and sites where you use your Google password to log in.

Click “Manage Apps”, and you will see Google breaks apps into three categories:

  • Third-party apps with account access
  • Those you use your Google password to log in
  • Google apps that you have installed.
A list of apps that have account access.

Take a close look at the third-party apps, and what information they collect — some may access your Google contacts, while others might access Google Drive.

If you click on any of these apps, a drop-down box will offer more detail about the type of data it can collect.

Click “remove access” to get rid of any you don’t like the look of, or don’t use regularly.

A Google security page.