Choosing an IT Support Provider before it’s Too Late!


The case for a reliable and trustworthy IT Support Provider is clear.

Your IT and computer network are massively important to make your business as competitive as possible in your ever increasingly competitive industry.

When something fails with your network or IT systems; you need to have a quick response from your support company and it’s techs.

The price of IT failure is high and it’s effect is really felt in regards to increased cost of lost time and reduced staff efficiency.

Searching for an IT support company when your business has a problem is a terrible idea for several reasons, The biggest of which is you’ll agree to just about anything to get your staff working again

Your company requires a solid partnership with a Business IT Support Provider. Your company needs to know and trust this service provider in your hour of need. Even more vital is that your service provider should have had enough time with your systems to fully know and understand exactly how your IT Systems fit in connection to your companies process. No 2 businesses are identical nor are any 2 IT systems.

A great service provider will certainly make the effort and put in the time to understand your IT systems and your organisation.

Saving time and money is one of the most apparent reasons to get a great IT Support Team behind you. Waiting until something is on fire is easily the worst mistake any business can make very closely followed by relying on family or friends who is “good with computers” to support your business.

Generally in these situations something goes dramatically wrong and the designated “IT person” falls short which only compounds the current problem.

Most companies recognise the need for a qualified IT Support Tech to look after their everyday IT requirements. Some discover the hard way – do not allow your business to be among the minority that learn via financial loss.

One of the most common areas of IT risks to business are:

  • Data loss through equipment failure
  • Virus attack/Hackers
  • Data corruption
  • Fire/Flood/Electrical surge
  • Malicious damage by Soon to be Ex-Staff
  • Unintentional deletion by staff

Every one of these threats can be mitigated in different ways (yes even fire and flooding). The costs of some of the solutions begin at totally free, the price of an expensive lunch to several thousands. But the right Solution Provider, Can get you the best option for your business at any budget

Simple ways to avoid/reduce risk:

  • Use Anti-virus
  • Have a solid well managed firewall
  • Store data in a single well managed place
  • Have Redundant Storage – Tailored to your needs
  • Have a comprehensive backup plan
  • Store critical business data off site
  • The Use of Online Backups can make this easy

You wouldn’t trust your business accounting to someone who “is good with numbers”, You have an accountant, a professional, an expert, a specialist. Information Technology is no different, you should get the most professional IT Tech, your business can afford, in the long run this saves you time and money.

IT systems are simply a business investment like any other. The benefit of the entire system and its costs need to be evaluated against risks of having no computers.