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Censorship – Expanded Powers Requested!

We all knew that the copyright infringement act passed in 2015 would just be a stepping stone to Censorship. They said there were strict controls...

IT Security

Found Virus on Computer

Targeted Ransomware hits the heavy stuff!

Just like in Australia, Targeted attacks are on the rise worldwide. This report about a small Scottish brewery just goes to show that it's not just the big boys in town...
Password Complexity

Complex passwords are out! 2FA is in!

Passwords are difficult for most people. We're just not wired to retain that information properly. Humans are far better at remembering a sentence than a complex [email protected]! Luckily NIST has finally caught...
Why even have a lock?

Got Schooled in Security

The Personal records of hundreds of students at a melbourne high school have been published mistakenly, in yet another example of "horrendous" human error. The Victorian education minister James Merlino, said his department...


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Tips and Tricks

Beginners Guide to Password Managers – Installing LastPass 101

So your IT guy has told you to get a Password Manager, and told you to go with LastPass I'd recommend watching the above video,...