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Complex passwords are out! 2FA is in!

Passwords are difficult for most people. We're just not wired to retain that information properly. Humans are far better at remembering a sentence than...

IT Security

Why even have a lock?

Got Schooled in Security

The Personal records of hundreds of students at a melbourne high school have been published mistakenly, in yet another example of "horrendous" human error. The Victorian education minister James Merlino, said his department...

Breach Notification – Women’s and Children’s Hospital

7200 Women's and Children's Hospital patient records, test results exposed online for 13 years Exploit: Negligence. Risk to Small Business: High: The sensitive nature of the data exposed as well as the scope of the breach...
Hackers Penetrate Sensitive Private and Publicly owned computer systems

Breach Notification – UnityPoint Health

Another Hospital, where a simple staff caused breach creates massive security risks, Given the 1.4 Million Records that were breached, This is a massive issue Many businesses are still using outdated Anti-Virus technology...


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Tips and Tricks

Beginners Guide to Password Managers – Installing LastPass 101

So your IT guy has told you to get a Password Manager, and told you to go with LastPass I'd recommend watching the above video,...