Found Virus on Computer

Just like in Australia, Targeted attacks are on the rise worldwide. This report about a small Scottish brewery just goes to show that it’s not just the big boys in town that get targeted.

After posting a job ad online, the staff started seeing 3-4 international applicants per day, which they had just assumed was a staff member posting it online.
What they didn’t notice was the ransomware that was in several of these emails, deliberately targeting them.

The attackers had taken our website vacancy and posted it on some international jobs site

The Virus was hidden amongst all the genuine job offers, almost guaranteeing they would be opened.

Paying the ransom isn’t really an option as you never know if they can restore at all, and secondarily if they will.

But the backups did not have the most recent data –  Gerald Michaluk

The Lesson here is Backup, Backup, Backups, as always!
If they had the right backups, they almost wouldn’t have noticed.
Instead their backups were encrypted along side their files.