Beginners Guide to Password Managers – Installing LastPass 101


So your IT guy has told you to get a Password Manager, and told you to go with LastPass

I’d recommend watching the above video, He does a great job detailing how to install LastPass on Chrome.

The Steps to install LastPass:

  1. Goto
  2. Download Lastpass for your device, be that, Android, IOS, Windows or Mac… They have something for everyone
  3. Click the Create Account button when prompted and follow the steps
  4. Start using your websites as you normally would, when you type in your details, Lastpass is going to either automatically save it, Which is the default now, Or ask if you want to save the details, Which it can then fill back in for you again next time.

Don’t forget your PASSWORD

I can’t stress this enough, You need to remember that LastPass password as there is no password recovery for it at all… It’s not possible because of the way it works, It’s secure and therefore can’t be gotten into with anything but the right password!

So please remember it.