We all knew that the copyright infringement act passed in 2015 would just be a stepping stone to Censorship.

They said there were strict controls on it, that they wouldn’t just use it as a foot in the door… Here we are 3 years later and Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has introduced a bill into parliament today – “the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2018” – will only just strengthen these protections, And give them powers to force search engines to de-rank sites they deem “Infringing”

Copyright holders will also get an easier ride through the courts because they will not have to constantly reapply for new injunctions.

The bill will make clear that the Federal Court has the power to issue responsive and adaptive injunctions without the need for the copyright owner to go back to court,” Fletcher said.

The saddest part about this is that VPN provider NordVPN said its Australian subscriber numbers doubled in 2016 – After the blocks came into place.
Meaning that most people just went around the blocks. This legislation may impede casual piracy, but even my mother in law has heard of the Word VPN.

Please, Movie industry, Do what music did, Offer it at an affordable price, in a convenient way and we’ll pay!

I personally pay for Spotify, Youtube Premium, Netflix, Stan and Hulu. The money is there, If you stop being a nuisance.