Beginners Guide to Password Managers – Installing LastPass 101


Passwords are cumbersome and hard to remember — and just when you finally remember them, they expire!

Nobody likes passwords but the reality is that they’re a fact of life.   New software has tried to replace them with fingerprint scanning and two-factor login technology,  but it’s password managing products such as LastPast that can be your best solution.

What is a Password Manager

Imagine a book containing all your passwords, locked by a master key that only you know.

Assume you can think of a strong and unique, memorable master password that you’ve not used anywhere else.

Memorise it.

We have passwords for everything, in today’s world.  Whilst many websites protect your passwords, there are even more that don’t.

Password managers don’t just store your passwords — they help you generate and save strong, unique passwords when you sign up to new websites.  These encrypted password managers ensure you can access your passwords across all the technology you use, including your phone.

Watch the video above for a great summary of the important factors of LastPass and how to install LastPass on Chrome.

Install LastPass

  1. Goto
  2. Download Lastpass for your device, be that: Android, IOS, Windows or Mac. They have something for everyone
  3. Click the Create Account button when prompted and follow the steps
  4. Start using your websites as you normally would.

When you type in your details, LastPass will either automatically ask if you want to save the details.    LastPass will auto-complete your log-in details next time you access the site.

Define your Master Password

Your choice of master password is very important.   It must be strong and unique.  It can be a combination of upper and lower case, symbols and numbers.  Most importantly, you must not use it, or a combination of the sequence, anywhere else.

Memorise it.  It’s the only password you will need to remember, ever.

Remember just 1 password

I can’t stress the importance of remembering your LastPass password, enough.

There is no password recovery for LastPass.   This finite level of security is the ultimate reason that LastPass is so secure as a password manager.