Of course, the title is scary and not 100% accurate, But it’s possible someone may be using your Security Cameras to watch you, I’ve been performing IT audits all over Melbourne and we’ve found an Alarming number of Poorly configured Networked Video Recorders

Upon searching for a “Specific” Brand of NVR with our security tools, We found 7 out of 25 we tested were open to the internet with default passwords.

It’s scary and dangerous in ways people don’t understand. Nefarious People could use it to figure out your office schedules and break-in at the best time, People could use it to stalk staff members coming and goings.

We found, a well known Melbourne Rubbish removal company, a skin care clinic, and even a doctors surgery.

If you’re not sure you are secure, Please Please Please contact us. It’s a significant Risk, and it doesn’t take long to fix.