Say Goodbye to Passwords & Hello to Passkeys


    Passwords are a necessary evil of the digital world, Having a way to securely identify you seems to get harder and harder each passing year.

    “If I had to use one word it would be ‘lazy,'” Patricija Cerniauskaite, a spokesperson for digital security firm Nordpass, said about the habits of people with their passwords

    A new report from Nordpass finds 83% of the most common passwords globally can be hacked in less than one second. According to Nordpass, the most common password last year was the word “guest.
    “123456” was the second most-common password, and in third place was, simply, “password.”

    But new Passkey Technology may just be the answer everyone is looking for

    A Solidkey, FingerPrint USB C Passkey
    Solidkey – USB C Biometric Passkey

    Passkeys are an innovative and highly secure method of authentication that utilizes cryptographic keys. With these keys, you can effortlessly access your websites and applications without the need for traditional passwords.

    Google has swiftly embraced these measures as they effectively mitigate numerous security concerns. Nonetheless, they are actively promoting Passkeys that can be synchronized with your mobile devices. A logical conclusion since most of us are glued to them anyway already.

    However, Phones can be hacked, as seen by constant security updates from Apple and Google. So it’s only logical that a passkey that’s stored on these devices wouldn’t always be perfectly secure.

    But, Luckily before Phone Passkeys, came Hardware Passkeys, These are USB, NFC or even Bluetooth connected to your devices to be able to securely authenticate you… They are tamper proof with the chips self destructing if someone tries to break into them.

    These use the same cryptographic keys as phone passkeys but they are stored on a secure hardware device, So you can be sure that your authentication is safe.

    Overall, Passkey Technology is quickly becoming the go to solution for companies all over the world, and it’s easy to see why when you look at how much more secure it is compared to traditional passwords

    Physical Passkeys also serve as an excellent HR tool. When employees depart, you can ensure the return of their passkey. If it were a digital passkey on a phone, it could have been duplicated on a secondary device as a backup. However, this is not possible with a physical key. Once returned, you can rest assured that they no longer have access to the protected apps and sites that the key safeguards.