Get Ready for the $4,500 Inch E-Ink Display That Gives You a Digital Newspaper on Your Wall


Are you ready to take your living room décor to the next level? Look no further than this amazing e-ink display. It’s capable of creating an entire digital newspaper right on your wall. The revolutionary technology comes with a price tag of $4,500

Unlike traditional LCD and LED displays, the e-ink display uses reflected light to simulate newspaper ink and paper. This means that it doesn’t emit any light itself; instead, it reflects ambient light from your living room. The result is an incredibly realistic reading experience that looks like you have real paper on your wall.

Project E-Ink won’t be replacing the physical newspaper anytime soon though, Unless you can lift this 32″ 8kg device… But it has a convenient wall mount to display it wherever you want in your own home.

Is it worth the money? It depends on who you ask, but if you’re looking for a novel way to keep up with the news and be living in style, then this e-ink display might just be for you. #retrodigital

The best part about the e-ink display is that it doesn’t require power to maintain its image

Maybe they’ll bring out the colour version in this form factor and you can have ever changing artworks that doesn’t look like a TV. Until then, you can have your very own digital newspaper with the $4,500 inch e-ink display.