Home Tips and Tricks Mastering your Mouse: 7 Tips to Improve Productivity

Mastering your Mouse: 7 Tips to Improve Productivity

Mastering your Mouse: 7 Tips to Improve Productivity
Mastering your Mouse: 7 Tips to Improve Productivity

In the busy life of an Small to Medium Business owner, time is money. While you might be a veteran computer user, stumbling upon a new shortcut can be a mini revelation. Here’s a look at seven essential shortcuts using the keyboard and mouse that will help you zip through your daily tasks.

1. Swiftly Zoom In and Out

Need to get a closer look at that financial spreadsheet or make a webpage easier to read? Press the CTRL key and scroll your mouse wheel up to zoom in and down to zoom out. This works across various platforms, including Google Maps.

2. Resize Your Desktop Icons with Ease

Are your desktop icons cluttered or just too small to read? No worries! Click on your desktop, hold the CTRL key and scroll your mouse wheel to resize all the icons at once, maintaining their relative sizes.

3. Text Selection Mastery

You’re likely familiar with double-clicking to open applications or highlight a word within a document. But have you tried triple-clicking? It highlights an entire paragraph, making it a cinch to copy or edit large chunks of text.

4. Column Selection in Word Documents

If you’re familiar with Excel, you know selecting a column is straightforward. But what about in a Word document? Hold down ALT + left-click and drag your cursor to select a vertical column of text. After releasing the buttons, a context menu will appear with options for the highlighted text.

5. Quick Copy and Move

Need to replicate or move text quickly? Highlight the text, hold CTRL + left-click, and drag the text to its new location. To move text, it’s the same principle but use SHIFT + left-click instead. Voila! Your text is copied or moved.

6. Open Links in New Tabs Hassle-Free

Tired of right-clicking to open a link in a new browser tab? Simply click the link using your mouse’s scroll wheel and it opens in a new tab, keeping your original page intact.

7. Scroll with Ease

Press in the scroll wheel and a circle with a dot and two arrows will appear on your screen. Move your mouse up or down to scroll through the page effortlessly. Some mouse models even allow horizontal scrolling by tilting the scroll wheel left or right.

Leverage these shortcuts to navigate your digital world more smoothly. Trust us; your productivity will thank you!

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