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How to check 3rd Party Apps Access to your Google

Google allows you to check which apps are connected to your account. If you want to find out, navigate to "Google Account", which should be in the top-right section of your Gmail screen on the...

How to Recover your lost Facebook Password

If you can't remember the login password of your facebook account, there is still a chance that you can easily recover your lost password, as long as the password is stored in your computer...

How To change the Outlook Caching Setting in Outlook 2016/Office 365

Click the Main office button in the top left on Outlook then account Settings   Then hit Change on the account Then change the stored email length, For more indepth instructions and more options, Check out Microsoft's Support Page

Howto Backup your Email using Mailstore!

Your email account is definitely an important asset in this information age, and you really can’t afford to lose the data associated with it. While most of the mail providers ensure that your email...
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