Movie Piracy

Censorship – Expanded Powers Requested!

We all knew that the copyright infringement act passed in 2015 would just be a stepping stone to Censorship. They said there were strict controls on it, that they wouldn't just use it as a...
Password. Computer security or safety concept. Laptop keyboard w

Microsoft Dumps Password Expiry

Microsoft has dumped the infamous password expiration from its recommended Windows safety baseline. The change was flagged in April 2019 and also formalised on Might 23rd with the release...
ACCC Scam Report 2019

What’s trending with Scammers in 2019

Today, The ACCC release it's 2018 Scams report, Makes for a very interesting read and all business owners should at least take notice. in 2018 Australians lost almost HALF...
Password Complexity

Complex passwords are out! 2FA is in!

Passwords are difficult for most people. We're just not wired to retain that information properly. Humans are far better at remembering a sentence than a complex [email protected]! Luckily NIST has finally caught up to Biztactix...
Julian Assange

Assange: New Charges, More Battles Ahead

The United States Justice Department introduced 17 brand-new criminal charges against WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange on Thursday, claiming he illegally released the names of classified sources, conspired with and aided ex-Army...
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Other Articles

Chinese Hackers STILL inside ANU’s Network

ABC News reported that the ANU Systems were compromised last year and in an unbelievable string of events are STILL inside their systems. The director...