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Breach Notification – UnityPoint Health

Hackers Penetrate Sensitive Private and Publicly owned computer systems

Another Hospital, where a simple staff caused breach creates massive security risks, Given the 1.4 Million Records that were breached, This is a massive issue

Many businesses are still using outdated Anti-Virus technology to protect their systems, In reality, you need Internet Security protection and also an advanced threat detection system. Especially if you’re protecting 1.4 Million Patient records!

Exploit: Phishing.
Risk to Small Business: High: A huge breach of customer trust, also this organization will be fined heavily because medical data was breached.
Individual Risk: High: The content breached is valuable on the Dark Web and is vital in identity theft.
UnityPoint Health: Multi hospital group operating in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.
Date Occurred/Discovered: March 14 – April 3, 2018
Date Disclosed: July 31, 2018
Data Compromised:
• Protected health information
• Names
• Addresses
• Medical data
• Treatment information
• Lab results
• Insurance information
• Payment cards
• Social Security Number
Customers Impacted: 1.4 Million.

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